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Providing Construction Management Services Since 1992
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Services Overview
Our mission and goal on every project is to guide an Owner through the complex and risk-laden design and construction process. While the specific needs of each project vary, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of services from initial project concept through design, construction and occupancy.

Below is a brief list of the types of services offered.

• Facilities planning assistance and design management

• Assistance to Owners by leading in selection of architects, engineers and contractors

• Evaluation of construction delivery methods

• Facilities planning assistance and design management

• Mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution

• Review and evaluation of design and construction processes and procedures for clients in both the public and private sectors

• Construction contract review and negotiation

• Review of plans for constructability

• Develop and maintain project and construction budgets

• Approval of architect's and contractor's pay requests

• Review and negotiation of contractor change requests

• Review and monitoring of design and construction schedules

• Provide verbal and written reports to Owner's staff, Board of Directors, and other stakeholders

• Providing project observation and assistance to architect in quality control

• Assistance to Owners in FF&E procurement

• Assistance to Owners in project closeout

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