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803 1st Avenue, Columbus, GA 31901
P.O. Box 56, Columbus, GA 31902

Providing Construction Management Services Since 1992
Company Profile
Executive Profiles
Company Profile
Founded in 1992 as Newton Aaron & Associates, Inc., Aaron & Clements, Inc. is a woman-owned, Subchapter S Corporation with offices located in Columbus, GA. The firm is a small, family-owned business with three full employees. Our services are tailored to meet the specific needs of the project, and our commitment to service on each project is to do whatever is necessary to help our Owners meet their objectives.
Company Experience
Since our founding, we have completed more than 80 projects with construction costs exceeding $500 million. We attribute our success to our work ethic and deep commitment to our Owners and the relationships that are built during the process.

Our projects profile is incredibly diverse and includes museums, institutional facilities, historic renovations, healthcare facilities, hospitality facilities, schools and educational facilities, animal shelters, community health centers, financial facilities, and multifamily residential developments. More information about our experience can be found on our Projects page.

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